Elevate your mobile shopping experience

You're going to enjoy this.  Because 76% of customers use their mobile phones to find local stores, and 79% prefer chat.

What makes nJoy Shopper so effective

Customers who live chat with a store convert three times more often and have a 10-15% higher average sale value

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For the upscale shopper:

How to

Connect meaningfully

with a local boutique

and purchase easily

on their mobile device

For the upscale boutique:

How to

Engage today's customers

when and where they want

with a personal mobile

high-touch experience

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Who makes nJoy Shopper so effective

The 76% of your customers who use their mobile phones to find local boutiques, and the 79% who prefer chat.

How it works

Empower your team to provide the mobile shopping experience today's customers enjoy

Live chat with customers, post products in moments, and make sales right in message.

Live chat shopping

Instantly offer your customers mobile live-chat shopping

Customer engagement

Engage customers with a content rich chat experience

Fast product posting

Offer products in just moments right in conversation

In-message sales

Enable customers to purchase fast and easily right in chat

Deploy nJoy easily in your own app to enhance your customers' experience

Our powerful SDKs and APIs mean it’s easy to integrate nJoy into your existing apps to increase their value for customers.