More customers, more sales, more easily

Grow your mobile sales with live-chat shopping that puts you on customers phones in a flash.

Who makes nJoy Shopper so effective

The 76% of shoppers who use their mobile phones to find local stores, and the 79% who prefer chat

Sell to today's customer by turning flat customer email lists into live-chat shopping lists to close sales right in-chat and on their phone.

Acquire customers by plugging into neighborhood live-chat shopping networks where shopping is fast and local.


Attract today's mobile shopper

Engage today's shoppers with chat to sell in the conversation

Turn your customer email lists into live-chat shopping groups to connect with today's mobile shopper

Quickly compose beautiful and effective product offerings, purchaseable right in chat

Use live-chat to easily continue the conversation post-sale to drive high quality foot traffic to your store

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Customers : scroll through today's, yesterday's, this week's products - message with their favored sales professional - making your sales an always-on, conversational extension of the fun, fresh, magical spirit of shopping.

How it works

Empower your customers to shop fast and easily

Customers enjoy the ease of mobile live-chat shopping, whether they're locals shopping every day or visitors making a special purchase.

Live chat shopping

Instantly offer your customers mobile live-chat shopping

Customer engagement

Engage customers with a content rich chat experience

Fast product posting

Offer products in just moments right in conversation

In-message sales

Enable customers to purchase fast and easily right in chat

Gratify customers

79% of customers prefer chat

Deliver just what customers increasingly expect: an easy, enjoyable, live-chat mobile sales experience

With a click, right in message, customers purchase items to be delivered locally home, to their hotel, or for pickup in-store

It's instant gratification, thanks to you

When's the last time an email served up customer satisfaction like that?

Become a neighborhood resource

Plug into nJoy neighborhood outside sales channels

Engage new customers instantly in nJoy neighborhood sales channels

Use our tools to see what shoppers in your neighborhood are searching for

Offer what customers are searching for right in the buying moment

Plug into local hotel shopping networks to service the 83% of travelers who consider shopping an important part of their trip

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Discover the power of patent-pending Mobile Shopping Management

We deliver patent-pending mobile shopping management tools that help businesses grow their mobile customer engagement and satisfaction.