Conversational Intelligence

Beat online commerce with conversational commerce

Get closer to customers than a website ever will with fast mobile shopping, delivered personally.

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Why nJoy your business?

Because more than half of consumers say they would pay more for something if it was supported by a mobile messaging channel.

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow the customer conversations that lead to sales and satisfied repeat customers.

And customers who live chat with a store convert three times more often and have a 10-15% higher average sale value. So sit back and nJoy.

Customer relationships

Fill your phone with high quality customer relationships and sales

90% of consumers are more likely to buy when helped by a knowledgeable sales associate.

Build strong customer relationships by listing products and services to all your customers with a single click, so you can save time while growing your business, then live chatting with those you've inspired.

Immediately respond to product requests with the right in-stock product - or smart substitutions.

Plug into Millennials and Gen Z

Inspire customers to buy with group live chat

63% of adults in the U.S. use group chat.

44% of 18-34 year-olds take part in group chats every day.

nJoy brings all the product recommendations your sales professionals make together in group live chats, so customers discover dramatically more to enjoy. All complimented by your personal conversation.

Wow customers with conversation

90% of customers want human live-chat

Almost 90% of customers want to communicate with businesses via mobile messaging platforms.

64% of consumers think companies who text value their time, are progressive and would recommend them to others.

With nJoy, you’re equipped to earn customers' recommendations with powerful listing-rich live chat purchasing, and neighborhood service. Which means you've got another customer!