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Our Mission

Enjoy life forward so everyone can find their joy in life

It’s a bold, fantastically rewarding mission that our team is dedicated to achieving. nJoy is built on the belief that everyone should be able to find their joy in life, whether they are at home or traveling in a completely foreign destination.

To that end, we empower people wherever they find themselves in life to enjoy their lives forward, to use their experiences, passions, and creativity to embrace life and pass on the very best moments. We provide the patented digital infrastructure that bonds residents, visitors and businesses into a thriving local community where folks can shop locally for everything they need, find their joy and easily share it forward.

It's an exciting challenge! To make joy a guiding principle of people's lives, a guiding principle of what they pass to their neighbors at home and around the globe. Guided by our core values, our goal is to change the world joyful moment by joyful moment. Join us!


Be At Life® with the world

Why shouldn't your work life improve life? We believe it should. We want you to be passionate about your life and work and feel like you're changing the world for the better with everything you do.

Help our local neighborhoods thrive by making local retail a thing of the future that drives community

Help our planet thrive by keeping energy usage down through authentic purchases made close to home

Help our people thrive by providing the tools to find their joy and then connect through it into community the world over

Build extraordinary neighborhoods

For every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 stays in the community. We're tackling the vital challenge of saving our local neighborhoods in order to re-grow the spirit of local community that binds us valuably together as people in the real world. Whether it's our work in React, real time databases or Non-Artificial Intelligence (ask us!) - everything we do is for community.

Build an extraordinary planet

Shopping local is the best way to reduce carbon emissions because it allows shoppers and the goods they purchase to expend less energy during transit. It's also the best way to build a global community that cares about our global neighborhood. We believe a world where everyone belongs and everyone cares about our planet starts one local community at a time. Join us in building an extraordinary planet.


Global team, global mission

nJoy is an all-remote company with hopes to have team members located in every country around the globe. We believe diversity leads to strength and joy, both for our team and the products we bring to the world. We are committed to hiring the world's best, and most diverse, talent - in our commitment to make the world the best, and most diverse, it can be.