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Give your neighborhood the contactless shopping platform that brings communities to life.  It all starts with the patent pending nJoy platform.

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Let's ensure your local community shops local

Why nJoy your neighborhood?

We keep business local & personal.

Local shopping.  Local passion.  Local people.  Local conversations.  Local jobs.  Local sales.  Local economy.  Local community.  Local service.  Local joy.

At nJoy our mission is to Make More Local.  nJoy puts your businesses right on residents and visitors phones - so they can shop locally, and with peace of mind. It's their place to live‑chat personally with local stores, shop in a safe environment, purchase locally right in‑message, as well as arrange store appointments, curbside pickup, delivery and more.

Give residents and visitors the ability to shop locally, contactlessly and comfortably right in the neighborhood

Empower local businesses to engage residents and visitors conversationally and personally right on their mobile devices.

A neighborhood nJoy Shopper puts all your businesses in one place for easy access on customers' phones - where they overwhelmingly shop.

Stem the loss of sales tax revenue from outside e-commerce and make more local! For every $100 spent local, keep $68 in the community.

Deploy the patent pending mobile shopping network that puts all your businesses right on customers phones

It's where residents and visitors discover businesses locally in shopping groups and then live-chat with them directly.

Shopping groups targeting your community's needs.

90% of consumers are more likely to buy when assisted by a knowledgeable sales associate.

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Join the neighborhoods delivering contactless local shopping with nJoy

It's where residents and visitors discover businesses locally and then live-chat with them directly.

Shopping groups

Shopping groups cover everything your community needs, from retail to restaurants and entertainment

Live chat shopping

Your local businesses get everything they need to instantly offer mobile live‑chat shopping

Contactless purchasing

Businesses offer products and services in just moments right in the conversation, making it more comfortable to shop

Supporting your city

For every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 stays in the community - so your neighborhood thrives

Support the places you love around your school today

Now more than ever, businesses around your school need your support. Bring your school community and local businesses together on an nJoy Shopper to support shopping locally, contactlessly and comfortably right in the neighborhood.

Help put your favorite local places safely in hand

Provide the mobile shopping amenity that enables students, faculty and staff to shop locally, personally, and contactlessly.

Help your school's local businesses bring in the business that ensures your neighborhood thrives, and is At Life® for you.

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Because a visit to the neighborhood store supports the local economy and a thriving community

Stem the loss of sales tax revenue from e-commerce by empowering local businesses, residents and visitors to connect for easy shopping

For every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 stays in the community

nJoy's city-friendly products help neighborhoods thrive, and a thriving neighborhood means successful businesses, engaged citizens, cultural events and jobs

Attract visitors to your city

Hotels ensure guests experience a thriving destination with personalized local shopping

Hotels need a thriving destination to attract guests. The nJoy mobile shopping platform empowers hotels to offer a personalized shopping experience - that drives guest satisfaction and supports local businesses.

Give local businesses a valuable new sales channel where they connect directly with guests just as they are in the buying mindset. Millennials account for nearly 50% of hotel guests today, and 51% of all luxury purchases made by millennials are made during travel.

Learn more about ensuring hotels have a thriving destination

See what we do for Sofitel Hotels

The right thing for your neighborhood - and your neighborhood

Shopping local helps protect local environmental resources, such as reducing local air pollution from vehicles by encouraging walking, bicycling, and the use of public transit.

Shopping local is the best way to reduce carbon emissions because it allows shoppers and the goods they purchase to expend less energy during transit.