The ordering system college students love

On the platform built for fun at college. That grows your restaurant business by making it fun for students to enjoy everything you offer.

A few of the customers that grow their business on nJoy

College students served daily

On nJoy, college students meet each other and find the things they want to enjoy. We have all the tools you need to connect with them, seamlessly, across all the moments they're looking to order.

Powerful solutions to grow your brand and revenue

Meet your college customers where they are during their day so they easily purchase from you.

Students treat your items to classmates. What better introduction to your business than a treat from a friend?

Be front and center when parents purchase treats for their students. We all want parents supporting your local.

Plug into school events, teams, sororities, fraternities as they group order or treat members.

Who makes nJoy so effective

Each college student who spends on average $410 a month eating off-campus.