Plug right into outside sales channels to acquire customers

Plug your business into nJoy patent pending neighborhood and hotel shopping networks where residents and visitors shop fast and local

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Want plug and play customer acquisition?

Plug and play sales channels put you everywhere local customers are

Plug into sales channels focused on categories popular in your neighborhood to engage new customers

Live chat with customers to offer products and services they're searching for right in the buying moment

Sales Professionals : field product requests - post product suggestions purchaseable with a click - customize color and sizing conversationally, so there's no need for a mobile catalogue - just the fun, fresh, magical spirit of shopping.

How it works

Plug into outside sales channels

Plug right into instant message shopping groups in your neighborhood.

Live sales channels

Connect with local customers in category specific channels, like fashion, food or housewares

In the buying moment

Respond to customer requests in a conversational chat setting and easily sell in message

Plug into hotels

Accelerate sales by plugging into hotel channels to create value for the 83% of guests looking to shop

Acquire valuable customers

Acquire long term customers by inviting shoppers from channels to join your shopping groups

Plug into travel shopping

nJoy is your one tool to reach travelers in town and ready to buy

Travelers account for more than 40% of spending on luxury brands

Join local hotel nJoy shopping networks to service guests as they are making purchasing decisions

Become a recommended business of local hotels, referred directly to guests

Plug into busy

It's easy being busy

Join nJoy live-chat messaging networks and connect with customers immediately

Invite customers into your group networks and post products right from your phone

Request to join local hotel or other business's networks with just a click