It's time to
put the joy
back in shopping

Connecting safely and personally with customers is now more important than ever.

Enjoy the shopping platform where customers live‑chat with your sales team and easily purchase right in message, or continue the conversation comfortably in‑store.

Comfortable for customers. Great for business.

Provide the mobile shopping experience built for today

Satisfy the 76% of shoppers who use their mobile phones to find local stores, on the platform that makes shopping today safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

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Today's mobile customer

Put yourself comfortably on customers' mobile phones and watch sales rise

Provide your customers the mobile shopping experience where they shop safely and easily right in live-chat - like almost 80% of your customers prefer.

Engage customers comfortably on their mobile devices and sell right in the conversation.

Enrich every guest's stay with contactless local shopping in the palm of their hand.

Connect local businesses, residents and visitors safely to make your community thrive.

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For today's customer

Empower customers to enjoy shopping today

Locals and visitors enjoy the peace of mind and personal service of nJoy mobile live-chat shopping.

Live chat shopping

Instantly offer your customers mobile live-chat shopping

Customer engagement

Engage customers with a content rich chat experience

Fast product listing

List products in just moments to personally satisfy shoppers

In-message sales

Enable customers to purchase fast and easily right in chat

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Discover the basics

Plug right into local authentic shopping

nJoy plugs businesses into the 76% of shoppers who use their mobile phones to find local stores, whether they are residents or visiting. See what we're doing in Beverly Hills.


Wow customers with conversation

We're here to help you wow the 90% of customers who want live-chat

90% of customers want to communicate with businesses via mobile messaging platforms.

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow the customer conversations that lead to sales and satisfied repeat customers.

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"nJoy puts the fun back in local shopping.  I feel comfortable and personally taken care of at the same time.

Allison S.


Have a hotel you love?

83% of travelers consider shopping an important part of their trip

Provide guests the authentic modern local shopping experience that shows you care about their comfort

Get insight into what your guests comfortably enjoy off property to increase satisfaction and peace of mind

Coordinate memorable in-destination visits easily through live‑chat

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Care about your neighborhood?

Neighborhoods thrive on nJoy

Set your community up for success with the digital infrastructure that integrates local businesses with today's mobile customer

Drive economic growth by making it safe, secure and enjoyable to shop local

Stem the loss of sales tax revenue by empowering local businesses to outperform ecommerce with the safe, personal touch only nJoy delivers

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Contactless shopping

Personal, contactless shopping made for today and tomorrow

Fast product listing

Offer products customers request in just moments right in conversation

In-message sales

Customers enjoy purchasing easily and quickly inside live-chat

Group and Individual

List products into group live-chats, then take the conversation private

Discover the power of patent-pending Contactless Shopping Management

We deliver patent-pending contactless shopping management tools that help businesses grow mobile customer engagement, satisfaction and sales.