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Mobilize unforgettable experiences into guests' hands,and revenues to your property with every purchase.

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Increase preferred merchants value

Enter your preferred vendors valuably into guest conversations

Easily invite preferred vendors into your shopping groups to create value for guests

Invite vendors on a complimentary or monthly paid-for basis to generate monthly revenues

Earn a referral fee on every completed sale


A digital vitrine that delivers personal support

What makes nJoy Shopper such a powerful revenue stream

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How it works

Revenue for your property with every preferred vendor and sale

Preferred vendors pay a monthly fee to be included in your amenity and a referral fee on every sale

Authentic local shopping

Instantly offer your guests the authentic local shopping they value with only your preferred vendors

Monthly fees

Your preferred vendors pay monthly fees to be included in your amenity and provide guests personal service

Referral fees

Your property generates referral fees on each and every sale, booking or rental

Watch revenues rise

Now that you're tapping into the 40% of all luxury sales that are made to guests like yours during their travel

Sit back and earn

From sign up to sale, it's all automated for you

Simply enter your preferred vendors' information and your nJoy platform onboards and activates their membership in your groups automatically

Referral fees and monthly payments to your property are automated and analyzed for you - saving you time and giving you deeper insights into the value your partners are creating for guests