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Want more local customers? You'll enjoy this.

Beverly Hills Shopper plugs you into the 76% of shoppers in Beverly Hills who use their mobile phones to find local stores like yours, and the 79% that prefer chat when they do find you.

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What makes Beverly Hills Shopper so effective

Customers who live chat with a store convert three times more often and have a 10-15% higher average sale value

How it works

Plug into a powerful mobile shopping experience for Beverly Hills visitors and residents

Live chat with Beverly Hills visitors and residents, post products in moments, and make sales right in message.

Customer acquisition

Connect with Beverly Hills visitors and residents right on their mobile phones

Live chat shopping

Live-chat with Beverly Hills visitors and residents just as they are looking to purchase

Fast product posting

Offer your products and services in just moments right in conversation

In-message sales

Enable visitors and residents to purchase right in chat, or visit your store to continue the conversation

83% of visitors consider shopping an important part of their trip. 51% of luxury purchases made by millennials were made during travel.

How it works with visitors

Empower Beverly Hills hotel guests to shop with you

Connect with Beverly Hills hotel guests on their mobile phones, and make it easy to book and purchase right in the conversation.

Be a preferred vendor

Become a preferred vendor of Beverly Hills hotels and engage guests right on their phones

Live chat shopping

Provide guests the mobile live-chat shopping experience that makes it fun to shop with you

In-message sales

Sell in conversation to millennials who overwhelmingly use mobile as a shopping companion when traveling

Become a preferred partner to hotel guests
The nJoy Hospitality Preferred Partner program is an exclusive selection of Beverly Hills businesses that are recommended by hotels and engage guests directly on their phones before, during, and after their travel.
Available for the first time with a platinum case and salmon dial.
It's a one of a kind. We can bring it by the hotel this morning for your husband to try on.
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Live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour


How it works for residents

Supercharge your storefront with the mobile shopping experience for Beverly Hills residents

Join nJoy shopping stations, live chat with Beverly Hills residents, post products in moments, establish customer relationships that last a lifetime.

Customer relationships

Join nJoy Beverly Hills shopping groups that put you in front of customers looking to purchase your products and services

Full service shopping

Use the power of nJoy Live-chat shopping to go from hello to sales to service to repeat customers all in simple conversation

Ring in the Holiday Sales

50% of all holiday shoppers' online purchases are made on their smartphones

And 81% of customers buy gifts on their phones year round

Start boosting holiday sales today

Mobilize your store into customers' holiday shopping bags today

This year 55% of millennials and 48% of Gen Xers plan on using their mobile devices for holiday shopping.

Set your store up for success with the mobile shopping management platform that gets you up and running fast.

No need for cumbersome mobile cataloging or shop setup.

So you spend your time connecting with customers.